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February 25 2016


The Ascension of Mother Mary, Ascended Master

mother of jesus

Mother Mary had been an Ascended Master during her life with Jesus - as was St John, the Baptist. She feels it is very important we realise what her Ascension experience was like into mastery.

In the life she made her ascension, she was obviously a woman living a nomadic desert life with her tribe in the Middle Eastern area. Don't forget this was more than 2000 in years past, prior to her life with Jesus. Still she was dressed up in a mid blue there were tiny silver ornaments dangling from her veil. Her eyes were black and piercing. They looked wild as well as a little crazy. I was surprised by her eyes. She said, "Like Kuthumi, I needed to go out of my mind, in the future into my heart."

She related how her father tried many times to marry her off, but on seeing her eyes the potential bridegrooms departed rather quickly. After the last failed attempt to find her a husband, she left her family and tribe and wandered with the desert, slowly leaving your brain behind, becoming more heart centred.

catholic prayers

After having a long period she remembered an area with steep cliffs that contained caves. She remained within the caves till her ascension as a possible old lady. Through her lifetime time, word got on the market was a holy woman residing in the caves and seekers on the path would seek her out for tuition and guidance. By the end she had a small group of followers who lived inside the caves with her, but a lot of her life was lived in solitude and prayer, becoming so heart centred she took the whole planet into her heart to enjoy as the Mother.

Mother Mary can be a third ray Ascended Master - the pink ray of unconditional love. Her aura is soft pink which has a border of mid blue, and so the band of white across the blue. All Ascended Masters have a band of white near their aura. The size of the white band is determined by their level of Ascension - the greater they ascended the thinner the band of white. Mother Mary's is very wide about 5cm.

Her energy was different to the energy of the Mother Mary we realize today. Most of you will understand she has very soft, gentle, non intrusive energy. Yet in her own Ascension life her energy was one among great inner strength and fortitude, qualities she took forward into her lifetime with Master Jesus.

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